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Impetigo, Mamaso or Talipaso

A 2 year old girl was brought to the clinic for rashes in the cheeks and forehead of 3 days duration, initially like small pinheads,"butlig", then after a day rapidly converted to vesicular rashes, "nagtutubig". It was noted that a playmate suffers from a similar condition.

On physical examination , the lesion erodes with a honey colored crust and slightly wet. Patient was occasionally scratching the lesion but nevertheless was afebrile.
The patient was diagnosed with Impetigo, locally known as Mamaso or Talipaso and was given an oral Antibiotic Cefalexin susp , every 8 hours(3xday) for 10 days . Mupirocin cream was also prescribed to be applied 3x day . Advised was given regarding improvement of personal hygiene and avoidance of crowded places.
Impetigo or Mamaso or Talipaso

Impetigo is the most common skin infection in children and is caused by Streptococcal and Staphylococcal bacteria. Preschool children are most often affected and is highly contagious.The intact skin is an effective barrier that that keeps bacteria from entering and growing in the body, but if there is a break in the skin , like that from scratching, bacteria may then enter and grow there causing inflamation and infection. Break in the skin may come from insect bite, human bites,animal bites and other trauma to the skin. It spreads across body with scratching and found easily in daycares and school. It is advisable not to share towels, clothing and other personal care articles with other members of the family and also encourage thorough washing of hands after touching the lesions.
Predisposing factors and conditions may include hot and humid weather, malnutrition, poor hygiene , over crowded living conditions, minor skin trauma like abrasions and skin conditions like Atopic Dermatitis.
The lesion or sores of impetigo usually heal slowly but seldom leave a scar. The cure rate is very good but the condition always recurs in young children thus emphasis is on hygiene and prevention.
 Bullous Impetigo

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